Young Marvels – Q & A with Matthew


Learn more about Matthew the instrumentalist in this Q&A, where he answers some fun questions. Don’t forget to watch Matthew in Young Marvels, Wednesdays at 10ET/7PT, only on Ovation.


Q – How do you get pumped up before a performance or competition?  Is there music you listen to?  Something you think about?  Something you do?

A – Normally my mom prays and says: “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!” My dad tells me to “have fun”. I usually just feel very excited before I perform. I can’t wait to go out there and play!  Once I’m playing, I don’t want to stop!

Q – Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions?

A – I don’t have any good luck charms or superstitions. I do like to collect charms or keychains for my cane when I travel to different parts of the world. It’s like taking a little piece of that place and the people with me. 

Q – Who is your hero & why?

A – My hero is my dad.

–       He is always there for me. My dad and I spend a lot of time together. He takes me to my music lessons and helps me with my homework when I need help.

–       He does not play an instrument but he loves music. We talk a lot about music. Sometimes he hears a song that he thinks I would like and he’ll let me listen to it. I do the same with him.  He also helps me choose the songs to play for my sets.

–       My dad protects me. If we are somewhere and I am not comfortable, he can tell and makes changes to make me feel better.

–       My dad understands me. He knows when I’m thinking too much when I’m playing. He would tell me; “don’t think, play from your heart Matthew”.

–       My dad is athletic. When we go roller skating, I usually skate with my dad. We like to goof off on the roller rink.


Q – What are your other hobbies outside of music?

A – I enjoy playing video games. I also enjoy physical activities; shooting baskets, skiing, roller-skating. I also love to go bowling and rock climbing. Lately, I’ve been into riding my scooter. I’m hoping to get better at it this summer!

Q – If you could be any cartoon or superhero, who would it be & why?

A – If I could be a superhero I would be Superman. I would love to have his strength and be able to fly!  I could travel around the world. I could go to poor parts of the world and help people.  I could go to different states and countries and perform on the weekends and still be back in time for school on Monday! 

Q – Favorite snack before a performance?

A – I usually don’t eat before a performance.  I do eat up a storm after I finish!

Q – What other talent/art would you like to try & why?

A – I would like to try tap dancing. I like the rhythm that tap dancers make. Reminds of when I’m playing my drums.

Q – Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you just by looking at you.

A – I think it would be that I am just like any other kid my age. I like to have fun and do most of the same things that other 13 year olds like to do and I try to do them even though I am blind.