Young Marvels – Q & A with Mabou


Learn more about Mabou the instrumentalist in this Q&A, where she answers some fun questions. Don’t forget to watch Mabou in Young Marvels, Wednesdays at 10ET/7PT, only on Ovation.

Q – How do you get pumped up before a performance or competition?  Is there music you listen to?  Something you think about?  Something you do?

A – To get ready, I perform a lot in front of mirrors and pretend that I am already on stage in front of my audience and conversing with them. I even perform in the bathroom mirror while mom thinks I am still bathing when in fact, I am performing. I also rest a lot, sleep early and wake up late, to have a well-rested voice.

Q – Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions?

A – No, we are Christian and we don’t believe in “good luck charms.” Our charm is GOD! We usually pray before leaving the house for any performance, if we don’t get to pray at home, we pray in the car or backstage.

Q – Who is your hero & why?

A – My mom is my hero, my role model because she inspires me in everything that she does. I understand the efforts that she is making, how hard she is working every day to pay for my education. Also, I love to hear her tell her friends how happy she is to have me. When all the doctors said that she couldn’t have a child, she stood up for herself, she defied them and had me at 41 years old, her first and only child; her pride, her prize, she often says. She is my hero!

Q – What are your other hobbies outside of music?

A – I also enjoy reading, swimming and playing tennis. These are the things I do with my spare time. I have tennis lessons 4 times a week, swimming twice a week, plus I play and swim with friends.

Q – If you could be any cartoon or superhero, who would it be & why?

A – If i could be a character, I would love to be “Maleficent,” because she is so epic! She is the most awesome character I know. She flies, she is magical and she made her own fairy world; cool!

Q – Favorite snack before a performance?

A – Before my performances, I enjoy eating fruits, mostly pomegranate, not only because it tastes good, but also because they claim that it’s good for the voice. I also drink a lot of room temperature water before I start singing.

Q – What other talent/art would you like to try & why?

A – I would love to try surfing, but my mom thinks it is too dangerous, even though she has made me a very good swimmer out of me. Also, I’d really love to do sculpture, that is my hidden passion, REALLY!

Q – Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you just by looking at you.

A – I can be crazy at times (I drive my mom nuts) and I sometimes scream non-stop for no real reason while stumping my feet and doing crazy moves.