The Art Of Staging Your Home: Tips From A Pro


Selling a home is a daunting task.  Put your best foot forward with advice from Arthur King, designer at LA Salvage and home-staging superstar.  With his advice, you’ll be all set to show off your home to its best advantage.  So check out these staging tips, and bring on the buyers!

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Arthur King’s TOP SIX Majestic Staging Tips:

1. There was only one car salesman that sold cars without seats.  Unsurprisingly, Joe’s Seatless Autos went out of business at lunchtime. So, why would you try to sell your house without staging?  Can you see yourself driving a car without an interior? That’s crazy talk!  The first rule of home staging is to stage your house and stage it well.  Sometimes a bad stage is worse than an empty house.  Just like milk crates for seats in your new PT Cruiser, it just downgrades an already magical car.

2. Ok, let’s forget cars altogether.  Rule No. 2 is to give me your money!  No really, hire a professional.  It’s worth it, even if you’re still living there.  He or she will point out things you never saw because you’re just too familiar.  Investing in a full staging or even a few hours of consultation can help significantly increase the value of your home.

3. What’s all that stuff over there?!  Make sure you DECLUTTER.   Always remember that less is more.  People can see you skiing on Instagram, not in their future house.


4. Remove tired or otherwise noticeable blemishes.  Put a fresh coat of WHITE or decorators-white on all priority room walls, especially if you have smaller rooms.  Remove exhausted furniture, and buy or rent pieces that will make the space look a little more like James Bond and his mummy live there.  Add sophistication with clean lines and elegant touches.

5. Don’t block the door with your couch!!  Find an arrangement that doesn’t block flow or close in the room.  Even if the couch blocks the outlet for the television, always ask yourself, “how much square footage am I revealing?” Wow, you’re smart.  I know the 42-inch screen is huge and awesome, but unless it’s attached to the wall, replace it with a piece of classy art.


6. My final staging tip is don’t be afraid to be original.  Find old objects or tools and hang them on your white wall.  Find a piece of art that’s inoffensive, but makes your audience laugh or study. Paint an old chair; open up historical picture books on your buffet; place an area rug on a diagonal; or stack books in a faux-fireplace.  Just put on some music and have fun with it. (I prefer a little reggae with two dance breaks.)


You can see examples of beautiful staging by LA Salvage and more on their website.  #lasalvage
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