Shia LeBeouf Dances (Sort Of) In New Sia Video


The dynamic duo that brought you the brilliant video for Chandelier is back! And this time they’ve added Shia LeBeouf to the mix. That’s right, Australian singer Sia has made another music video with her mini-me dancer, Maddie Ziegler, complete with Sia wig, nude leotard, and sick (in a good way) choreography. Only this time, Shia LeBeouf is there, too. In a cage. Check it.



The question is: what’s supposed to be going on here? Why can’t Shia exit the cage at the end, when it seems clear his body could easily fit through the bars? Will the next video add more celebrities until there is a video with an entire chorus line of stars being schooled by young Maddie? Hard to say. Your thoughts?