The Art Of

S3 E4 Wine Country

“The Art Of” explores creative fields that fall outside the traditional definition of art. “The Art Of: Wine Country” looks at artists who take inspiration from and perfect their tasty crafts in the heart of Northern California wine country – from famed chef Cindy Pawlcyn whose signature dishes define the taste of Napa to the vineyards of Pixar’s John Lasseter and the sculpture gardens and exhibit spaces of Artesa Winery. Each episode of “The Art Of” explores a new artistic medium through profiles of boundary-pushing artists. Focusing on the celebrated as well as the undiscovered, this series explores the creative process behind each featured art form and uncovers how and why these artists do what they do. From pop-up artists and 3D designers to masters of illusion, “The Art Of” reveals the passion that keeps these artists motivated and inspired.