Overtone Singing Might Be An Alien Invasion


The internet is a-buzzing with a new video from polyphonic overtone singer, Anna-Maria Hefele. Overtone singing means that instead of singing one note at a time, you sing two. It’s like making a chord with just your voice. Anna-Maria insists in the video description that anyone can learn overtone singing, but we are pretty convinced that aliens gave her these powers for some mysterious purpose. We just hope it is benevolent. Check out her otherworldly voice in the video…


If you’re thinking it sounds like that Tibetan or Mongolian traditional singing, you’re right. They use overtones as well – good listening!  Of course, Anna-Maria doesn’t just make explanatory videos, she also makes music. In the video below, you can hear her supernatural sound in the context of other instruments for a truly incredible result.


via: this is colossal