Young Marvels – Q & A with Lev


Learn more about the tiny talented ballroom dancer, Lev, in this Q&A, where he answers some fun questions. Don’t forget to watch Lev in Young Marvels, Wednesdays at 10ET/7PT, only on Ovation.

Q – How do you get pumped u before a performance or competition? Is there music you listen to? Something you think about? Something you do?

A – The day before the performance or competition, I must necessarily repeat all the dances, find any music on YouTube and dance at home. When I go to bed at night, I necessarily list all the highlights of each dance.

Q – Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions?

A – I always wear my mandatory dress shirt and a chain with an amulet, this is hamsa – “hand of God”, who protects against “the evil eye”. Of course, I understand that this is a placebo effect, but it works. 

Q – Who is your hero & why?

A – My hero is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He came from another country and has achieved a great deal because of his talent, hard work and perseverance. Arnold won the hearts of the people and became the governor of California.

Q – What are your other hobbies outside of dance?

A – I have played the piano for 2.5 years, engaged Soo Bahk Do karate for 3 years, and love to swim, play handball and skate.

Q – If you could be any cartoon or superhero, who would it be & why?

A – I really wanted to be like Fred, he commands from Scooby Doo. He is very clever, is investigating various crimes.

Q – Favorite snack before a performance?

A – Before competition or performance usually I eat rice with salmon in a steamer and salad with cucumbers and sour cream, because this food gives a lot of energy and isn’t very heavy for the stomach before serious exercise.

Q – What other talent/art would you like to try & why?

A – I want to learn to juggle well, because it is very interesting and entertaining for me.