Junk – It’s Prettier In Color


Think of all the junk lying around your house. It was once going to be useful, beautiful even; but now it’s just…there. Not pretty. But what if someone put all of our junk together in a rainbow of colorful, coordinated junk? That’s what artist Dan Tobin Smith has done, and GASP—it’s so pretty!


Smith spent three months seeking and collecting household junk (or “kipple”) from the public. At the end he had enough to cover 200 square metres (!!). The kipple is arranged by color, changing by gradients across the floor of the exhibition space.


From far away it looks like the junk piles are vibrant cityscapes, rippling with color, but up close you can see each individual object. The exhibit, titled “The First Law Of Kipple,” was part of this month’s London Design Festival.




Via This Is Colossal