How To Dance With Your Computer (Hint: It’s About Interactive Fractals!)

Okay okay, so interactive fractals don’t exactly scream FUN!, but you may change your mind if you watch the video. The stick figure and fractal tree make us wanna dance — or at least try moving our own fractal tree from our computer.  Dance little mathematical tree, dance!


A fractal is basically a shape that contains smaller and bigger versions of itself. Every part of the tree in the video is just a smaller or bigger copy of the same pattern. Real-life trees are somewhat fractal-ish with each branch like a little tree itself.

Aatish Bhatia, one of the creators of this generative art video, thought of the idea when walking home, imagining what it would be like to reach his arms in the air and sway like the branches of a tree. Now that’s inspiration!


To find out all about how this video was created – and the whole deal with fractals – check out the article on Wired.