Dreamy SoCal Photos


A chance meeting at Los Angeles’ Renegade Craft Fair was the impetus for a fantastic series of prints highlighting Southern California’s landscapes and attitudes.  In these images by design collective Hammer and Spear and photographer Anon Y Mouse, you see why SoCal is still so cool.


Kristan Cunningham and Scott Jarrell of Hammer and Spear were already partners-in-arts when they saw the photography of Jonathan Ventura (Anon Y Mouse).  Their vintage sensibilities were immediately attracted to Ventura’s dreamy, soft-color style.


Together the threesome created this highly successful series of Los Angeles and Southern California-focused photographs overlaid with simple phrases evoking the feelings and attitudes of the region.  The images are handmade by a Nepalese women’s cooperative using natural inks.


The prints are available from Cunningham, Jarrell, and Ventura’s new partnership, Arts District Printing Co.



Via CoolHunting.com