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Since 2007, Ovation has forged valuable partnerships across the nation with cultural institutions, arts agencies, individual artists and arts education organizations, providing more than $15 million in direct support and donated media – something unprecedented for an independent television network. Through Ovation’s Corporate Relations department, the network provides support and sponsorships to national and regionally-based nonprofit arts organizations.

We invite you to review our mini-grant program for regional and national service organizations. Learn more here.

For additional opportunities and to learn about Ovation’s philanthropic activities, please visit The Ovation Foundation.

Stand For The Arts

Stand For The Arts, Ovation’s signature arts advocacy campaign, is a national initiative to raise awareness, protect access and encourage action on behalf of the arts.

Although America’s art and culture is recognized the world over and our creative industries represent billions of dollars of economic activity, the majority of artists and arts organizations in the U.S. are underfunded and undercapitalized. Most alarmingly, the arts are increasingly eliminated from public schools, resulting in generations of American children who do not have access to the transformative and life-affirming power of the arts, and are not provided with the creative skill set needed to compete in a global economy.

This has to change. The truth is that we can’t afford to live in a world without ART.

As online advocates for the creative community, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving access to the arts. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we will make our voices heard. Together, we Stand For The Arts.

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How to Get Ovation in Your Community

Ovation is available in approximately 50 million homes out of more than 100 million. It is important for cable operators and satellite providers to hear directly from their constituents that the arts are important and that your organization, your member companies, audience members, board members or commissioners need to see a channel dedicated to the arts. In many communities, among the hundreds of channels offered, not one is dedicated exclusively to the arts, and that is wrong.

Local arts leaders and National Service Organizations have been at the forefront in advocating for Ovation, the country’s only arts network, and we appreciate the difference that their leadership has made. If you are interested in requesting Ovation in your community, we will be happy to provide you any assistance you need in reaching out to your local Television Service Provider to request they add Ovation to their channel line-up. We are also happy to provide guidance in contacting your government officials to ask them to support the arts.

We are happy to work with you personally to help customize your message and provide targeted contacts, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

For more information please contact Mark Mouro, Content Distribution, 310-430-7504,

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