Best Of 2014: Book Lists


With 2014 rapidly wrapping up, it’s time to weed through the “best of” lists. Whether you like to read off-kilter fiction or stick strictly to dense biographies, there’s plenty on these lists for you! Find out whether you spent your reading time wisely or need to double up in the new year with our list of lists: the best books of 2014 from our most trusted internet sources.


Goodreads’ Choice Awards brings you 2014’s best books as chosen by their legions of voracious readers and categorized for a great user experience. Categories include everything from picture books like The Pigeon Needs A Bath! to serious novels like The Bone Clocks.

BuzzFeed narrows its list by focusing on the 28 best books by women in 2014. Of course, the list features Lena Dunham’s cultural flashpoint/memoir, but it also covers a wide variety of subjects and genres in tales that just happen to be written by women.

The Washington Post keeps it simple with the ten best books of 2014. Period.

Kirkus Reviews, goes the other way with a definitive, thirteen-page list of the best fiction books of 2014. Not bad considering they review over 7,000 books each year! Kirkus has also selected a “best of” list for indie books, children’s books, and more.

Huffington Post reveals and O Magazine‘s picks for best books of 2014, and provides little teasers for each one like “The Fairy Tale That Changes How You See The Real World.” Very enticing.

NPR‘s book reviewer, Maureen Corrigan, decides that a top ten list is arbitrary and counts down her top twelve books of the year.

The Atlantic provides an eclectic list of 23 titles selected by different Atlantic staff members as “The Best Book I Read This Year.”


So there you have the list of lists for 2014 books! If one title on these lists doesn’t grab you and say “READ ME”, well – congratulations, you must have read a LOT this year. Feel free to coast until the new year.