Arts On YouTube Weekly Roundup: 9.26.14


Art is everywhere — especially on YouTube — and sometimes it’s comforting to turn to the pros. Each week, Ovation will consult the trusted curators of the top arts authorities’ YouTube channels to bring you the best of the best. This week’s selection includes an unlikely chair design, some haunting old film clips, a farmer’s tale, and more!


1.  The Museum of Modern Art gives us a glimpse of the upcoming exhibit, “Bill Morrison: Compositions,” which seems to consist of spooky and interesting old film clips. We like!

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2.  The Campana brothers discuss (in awesomely-accented English) how a chair they made as art—the famous Vermelha Chair—became available for sale.

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3.  Luis Camnitzer gives an explanation of what motivates him as an artist that we just love. He might be our new favorite person.

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4.  A moving, beautifully-shot, and very relevant video on the real impact of the current, catastrophic drought in California.

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5.  The Brazilian Art Market is hardly even new anymore, as shown in this video that makes us pretty much desperate to visit Rio.

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