Art Gone Viral, Vol. 3


You may think that YouTube is mostly for cat humor and video game parodies. Well, you’re right. But you’re also wrong! In our Art Gone Viral series, we bring you the latest collection of popular, totally viral, and yes, artsy videos! So join the rest of the online world and check out these artsy vids going wild on YouTube.


1. By now, everyone on the planet has seen Beyonce’s music video for her latest hit, 7/11. So of course, it’s time to bring on the parodies. This is our current favorite, Boyonce.


2. YouTube mega-star Lindsey Stirling has a new video covering the theme for the just-released video game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Lindsey Stirling is also the latest artist featured in Ovation’s original series, Song By Song. Tune in Tuesdays in December at 10 ET/ 7 PT.


3. This adorable girl dancing in the New York City subway in her pink winter coat is just about the cutest thing ever. And the music, by Coyote & Crow, is pretty awesome too.


4. The first trailer for Star Wars Episode VII has been released to the public, and IT. IS. AWESOME. The wait for December 2015 will be excruciating.


5. Meghan Trainor is back with another ca-ca-catchy song that will be stuck in our heads for weeks! Check out Lips Are Movin.