Art Gone Viral, Vol. 2


You may think that YouTube is mostly for cat humor and video game parodies. Well, you’re right. But you’re also wrong! In our Art Gone Viral series, we bring you the latest collection of popular, totally viral, and yes, artsy videos! So join the rest of the online world and check out these artsy vids going wild on YouTube.


1.  Daniel Radcliffe sheds his Harry Potter image once and for all by rapping Blackalicious’ tongue-twister, Alphabet Aerobics. Not only does he not miss a word (or a beat), he does so with style.


2.  OK Go releases its latest mind-blowing music video, combining song, dance, umbrellas, the new Honda Uni-Cubs, drone-mounted cameras, and more! Seriously, there is so much artistry here it requires more than one viewing.


3.  This dance video may be the best hidden-camera moment of all time. The best part is the dogs watching this guy get down while cleaning up. (He’s a pretty good dancer, too!)


4.  Rapper T-Pain (known for songs like “Buy U A Drank” and “Backseat Action” as well as his pioneering use of Auto-Tune) proves the haters wrong by singing stripped-down versions of three of his most popular songs.


5.  For absolutely no reason whatsoever, every member of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra eats the world’s hottest chili peppers while playing “Tango Jalouise.” There are some tears.


6. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On comes back to the internet for a third installment, in which Marcel’s allergies are revealed (among other things). The stop-motion animation sensation also appears in a couple of books based on the videos.