7 Products For Creatives At CES 2015


The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is now underway in beautiful Las Vegas with acres of gadgets, geeks, and glimpses into the future. Curved televisions, beer pong-playing robots, and devices designed to confuse your pet are all being tested and scrutinized by the best in the biz. We’ve rounded up a few of the coolest products with applications or impacts for artists, arts-lovers, and general creative types. Take a look!

1. Makerbot presented 3-D printing from composite materials (instead of cheap and flimsy plastic).


2. Gibson impressed with customizable headphones that not only provide impressive sound quality, but also match your style while you’re playing a Gibson guitar.


3.  E-Ink took things to the next level with its Prism technology that can change the color of walls. Hello, gallerists.


4. Fuhu decided to make its biggest big tablet yet. Think of a giant touchscreen where your kid (or the kid in you) can sketch, write, etc.


5. Neil Young’s music player, the PonoPlayer, may be the next big thing in your musical life. It offers the ability to play music and buy music, with a focus on a high-quality listening experience.


6. Sony’s latest high-end Walkman, the ZX2, is considerably more expensive, but perhaps worth it to the serious audiophile.


7. The polaroid-zip-3

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Via CNET and engadget